Friday, April 12, 2013

In Vain

My mother was an active duty military soldier. We moved around a lot; never staying in one place more than two years. I was constantly uprooted from my friends, and with every move I set out with expectations of finding companionship. My childhood was a constant journey, taken alone, with hopes of finding someone to connect with everywhere I went. While traveling to a new place, I had desires of being back at the place I was moving from; my mind would be filled with memories of the past and a desire to belong to that time again. This experience deeply influenced my thinking when creating this body of work. 

Throughout this video sequence, I am sending the viewer on a journey of lost hope through an investigation of space that is filled with remnants of the past. By photographing the university campus in which I am attending, I am capturing commonly populated places void of the human presence. In doing so, I am depicting the visual silence of these unoccupied spaces.

Accompanying the images are sound recordings that allude to the human presence which is negated by the images. The video then, becomes a journey through still moments that have past, while the sound recordings serve two purposes: to guide the viewer through time and space, and to become memories embedded in the spaces to signify the lack of a human presence. Throughout this work I want the viewer to consider the sounds they hear in relation to the spaces they see, as the video is played continuously on a loop to leave the viewer continuing on this journey with unanswered questions and no visible end. 

Lost Refuge

My Glass Work

My Portraits

My portraits


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fail to Recall

These photos are apart of a photo book I recently did for a class.